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Imagine a phone with a world inside it. It opens when it sees your face, learns from you and erases barriers between you and the world on a expansive, beautiful Infinity Screen. The new Galaxy S8 frees you to live every part of your life anywhere.

Infinitely Brilliant
The Galaxy S8+ has the world’s first Infinity Screen. The expansive display stretches from edge to edge, giving you the most amount of screen in the least amount of space. And the S8+ is even more expansive—our biggest screen.

Infinitely Powerful
Bixby Vision: Bixby lives inside your Camera, Gallery and Internet to give you a deeper understanding of what you’re looking at. Just tap the Vision icon in your viewfinder and Bixby will serve up contextual icons: translation, QR code detection, landmark recognition and shopping.

Selfie Camera: Take clearer, sharper, more detailed selfies with our best camera yet.

Low Light: Take brilliant photos in any light with dual-pixel technology.

Infinitely Helpful
Meet Bixby: Bixby is an intelligent interface that learns from you to help you do more. It learns your routines to serve up the right content and apps at the right time, keeps track of your to-do list, and gives you a deeper understanding of what you are looking at.

Bixby Home: Tap the button below your volume controls to access the Bixby Home screen, which learns your routines to serve up the right apps and content at the right time.

Use Bixby Reminder to keep track of your to-do list. Bixby can tell you to pick up milk on the way home, or even keep track of your place in an article online.

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